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Welcome to Tyree's Page

Tyree Oredein

Tyree Oredein

Ok, so y'all know how I don't walk? Or drink water, right?

Well I planned to do the Equality Walk, but figured I could get out of it if no one sponsored me....But now that there are donations afoot, it looks like I'll definitely be walking.

But NOOOOWWWWW, I'm sweetening the pot a little....if I end up getting at least $100 in donations, I'll drink an entire bottle of water during the walk... AND I'll livestream it as proof!!

Who got me?

#LetsDoThis #EqualityWalk #GardenStateEquality #DrO


raised of $250 goal

Recent Donations

1. CGChristopher Gill
You should drink multiple bottles of water for a good cause
2. ATAlyssa Tang
3. AEAndrew Evangelista
What the heck you don't drink water...our bodies are 70% water...not ice cream....
4. SnSwathi Nakkana
love you tyree
5. MGMark S. Gonney
Anything for you!
6. NXNing Xie
Good job Dr tyree
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